Replacement Configured SD Card

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*** You must be an existing ClearAlpha, ClearNode, ClearZero or ClearRPT customer to order the pre-configured SD Card, they are not for general use ***

Zapped your SD Card ? Ooops ... it's easy to do - keep your fingers off the metal contacts on the back side of SD Card.

If you've kept your node's configuration backed up to our servers, we should be able to re-generate a failed SD Card with the most recent configuration we have for your node.

If you're thinking to order an extra SD Card with your order for a ClearNode ... may we suggest you don't ? Wait until the Ooops happens, we'll get the replacement out to you as quick as we can - and it will have the latest configuration you backed up.

(Ask about our "urgent" image download service if you can't wait for the card to be delivered.)

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