Terms of Sale and Service

What we sell

We manufacture and market Amateur Radio devices – ClearNode, ClearRLS, ClearZero and ClearRPT are all Voice Over IP nodes that support various implementations of AllStar, EchoLink and other Amateur Radio VoIP services. We also provide free software to support our devices, including mobile apps for Apple iOS and Android, as well as Cloud Based Services and 3rd party communications software. If you purchase our hardware we will provide those Software Services for as long as we are in business. You may at any time stop using the software services and treat your ClearNode hardware as a standalone AllStar/EchoLink node. We recommend the HamVoIP.org distribution – their standard image should boot on any ClearNode device (excluding the ClearRPT).

Who may purchase ClearNode devices

We only sell our devices to individuals with a current Amateur Radio operator’s license – we accept licenses from any country whose government issues such licenses. If you are buying a node for a 3rd party, we will need written permission (or email from the registered QRZ address) from that 3rd party, prior to fulfilling the order. Yeah, kinda disappointing if you’re trying to “surprise” someone.

Order Cancellation

If you cancel your order – or we are forced to cancel your order for cause – we will deduct the value of the credit card transaction fees from the refund.

Product Returns

We have a “no questions asked” return policy for 30 day from the day your order is delivered. If you return the product within that timescale, in new condition, in the original packaging we will return your full order value. (For non-US orders, international shipping is not refunded). If we receive the returned product damaged or missing parts, we reserve the right to assess and deduct a re-stocking fee. This return policy is extended to individual customers ONCE ONLY. Subsequent returns will incur a re-stocking fee of 15% of the order value plus the credit card processing fees from the original order.

Purchasing a Pre-Owned ClearNode

You can use the ClearNode hardware as a stand-alone AllStar Node – we recommend the HamVoIP.org image. However, if you want to have it registered with the ClearNode control system and use our ClearNode mobile apps, please note that there is a registration fee to open an account for your call sign and re-configure the node for the system. See the online store for current pricing.

Malicious and Illegal Usage

I we receive verifiable reports that a ClearNode user is engaged in any kind of malicious, illegal, threatening or intimidating behavior via our system – we reserve the right to disconnect that user’s node or nodes from our system – PERMANENTLY.

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