Timed Events


Timed Events allow you to schedule certain node activities, like connections and disconnections to remote nodes, on hourly, daily, weekly and monthly repeating schedules. This initial release focusses on connecting and disconnecting from other nodes. However, as we learn from you the ClearNode users, we’ll implement support for other popular use cases.

Relationship with CRONTAB

Since ClearNode is implemented using the Raspberry Pi controller and runs the Linux operating system – Timed Events is currently implemented using the standard CRONTAB service. As such Timed Events supports creating “crons” that execute arbitrary shell commands. When you receive your ClearNode you will note there are 2 Timed Events already installed – they are examples of creating such arbitrary crons.

Managing Timed Events

Tap into the Node Detail screen and scroll to the bottom of the page – tap on the “Manage Timed Events” item.

Each row in the table is 1 event identified by its “Comment”. On this page there is also an on/off switch which enables or disables the event. Note that any changes you make on this page on the Timed Event detail page will not take effect until you tap the “Save” link in the top right corner of “Timed Events” screen. If you exit this screen without saving the changes, your changes will be lost.

Creating a new Timed Event

Tap the “+” symbol in the top right corner of the “Timed Events” screen – a new event will appear in the list. It will default to creating a daily “Connect To” event set for 10:00 hours local time.

Tap on the new row to enter the edit screen. Again, any changes you make here are local only – you must tap the “Save” link in the top right corner of the “Timed Events” screen to commit changes to the node.

Tapping on “Event Type”, “Repeat” and “Event Time” will activate appropriate pickers as seen below – select by “spinning” the picker up or down. You will see that the pickers are linked e.g. if you select “Weekly” the “Event Time” will transform into a 3 column spinner for day of week, hour and minute.

The “To Remote Node” picker behaves slightly differently – it navigates to the “Add Connection” screen where you may pick from any of the nodes you have previously connected to. You may add new nodes and select them just as you would were you actually connecting to a node from the Node Detail screen.

To delete Timed Event, navigate to the “Timed Events” screen, swipe left on the event to be deleted and tap the “Delete” button that appears on the right.