How do I disconnect a connection !??!

Short story – in iOS, swipe left on the connection and tap “Disconnect” – in Android, long-press the connection and select “Disconnect” from the popup.

How do I allow people to connect to my AllStar node ?

Your WiFi/Router/Firewall device protects you from the malicious folks trying to break into your home or office network. So by default it blocks IN-bound connections to your network and devices. In general all OUT-bound connections are allowed. So AllStar works OUT-bound by default. To allow folks to connect IN-bound you must create a Port Forwarding rule for UDP Port 4569 to the IP address of your ClearNode. Most Routers have instructions along with the username and password either printed on the case of the device or in the documentation that came with it – generally you use your web browser on a computer inside your home network. Once you’re logged in, look for the “Advanced” section that refers to “Port Forwarding”.

I have Echolink configured on my ClearNode, it connects to other nodes but no traffic passes – what’s wrong ?

Unlike AllStar, Echolink requires port forwarding for both IN-bound and OUT-bound connections – see above, but you need 2 ports – one for UDP Port 5198 and one for 5199. Some routers allow forwarding a range of ports so input 5198-5199 UDP forwarded to the IP address of your ClearNode.

I’m an experienced Linux Op – can I SSH into my ClearNode ?

Absolutely ! ClearNode is based on the Raspberry Pi 3B running Linux. We set the root password to your ClearNode Key before shipping. When you receive your node, feel free to reset that password to whatever suits you. We keep the SSH port at the default – Port 22. One caveat to point out – if you decide to configure your node the legacy way using the various “.conf” files – be aware that if you subsequently use the ClearNode mobile app to change configuration – ClearNode will recreate the “.conf” files from templates – potentially overwriting the “legacy” changes you made. Get in touch – there are workarounds !!

Can I connect my ClearNode to my high-power repeater ?

Not yet. ClearNode is intended as a personal, portable low power node. It has a built in 500 mW UHF (or VHF) transceiver – there are no connections for Spkr, Mic, COS, PTT.

Is there a VHF version of ClearNode ?

Yes ! Drop us an email when you order and let us know you want VHF. There’s a limited supply since we don’t get many requests for VHF. We are going to assume you want UHF unless you state otherwise.