Monthly archives: September, 2019

Apple iOS 13 …

Preliminary tests indicate that ClearNode is just fine with iOS 13. If you spot anything out of order, please let us know.

However, we did have a few laughs over the weekend at some of the bugs in this first release of 13.

If you just gotta have the latest thing – knock yourself out. If you can wait for the first bug fix release – you’ll probably avoid a few pot holes.

And … if you bought the new iPhone 11 – they quietly slipped in a new RF technology – Ultra Wide Band (UWB). Apple are being coy about their long terms goals – referring to it as an enhancement to AirDrop. Longer term it’s more likely to be about the “time of flight” capability that enables 3D ranging from device to device – indoor location tracking on steroids.

73 … Gerry.

RedNode 1.3.13 Released

There have been some problems with WiFi credentials where there are embedded spaces in the SSID leading to the WiFi subsystem being disabled.

We’ve updated the API on for the ClearNode device and we recommend all users upgrade to this version.

If you are having problems as a result of this issue – do get in touch an we’ll help you get it sorted out.

The new API supports clearing all previous credentials as you add new ones – however, this won’t be generally available until the next release of the mobile applications. In the meantime, if needed, we can manually exercise the API to clear out old or bad WiFi credentials on your ClearNode.

73 … Gerry.

Android 1.8.3 Released

Fixes a bug on the Radio screen for certain users with a particular API level. We recommend all Android users upgrade to this version.

73 … Gerry.

Mobile Version 1.8 released

Version 1.8 of both the Android and the iOS apps are released into the app stores. If you don’t allow automatic updates on your mobile device – we suggest you manually update to this version.

What’s new ?

Mostly stability and bug fixes and some new debug modes to help us troubleshoot problems.

Also implemented the ability to update the base AllStar Packages on your ClearNode device. See the Software Help section for more information.

You will need API version 9 and RedNode version 1.3.8 to take advantage of the new features. If you’re not sure or need help, get in touch and we’ll walk you through the process.

73 … Gerry.