Monthly archives: May, 2020

ClearNode 1.16 for Android released …

This release brings the Android app up to par with last release for iOS.

73 … Gerry.

ClearNode 1.16 for iOS and RedNode API 36 released

This release is recommended for all users.

Number of important changes in this combined release

  • Complete re-do of the Node Setup screen. The order of setup items had become quite illogical as individual items were added. The new screen presents setup items logically grouped according to functionality.
  • The Node Setup screen now does a better job of validating the values you input to prevent bad settings disrupting your ClearNode’s operation.
  • The Audio Streaming function now supports sending your stream to Broadcastify for public consumption. Several new configuration settings in the section Streaming Audio Setup. If you elect to send the stream to Broadcastify, instead of the ClearNode Icecast server, your mobile app will still be able to play the stream.
  • You can now archive your ClearNode’s setup to the Node-Ventures server. Once it’s up there it’s available for download should you ever need to recover your node from an SD Card failure or some such. See the two cloud icons in the top right corner of the Node Setup screen.
  • Some users found that the popup screens were unusable if they had increased the default font size on their iPhones. We think we’ve fixed most of them – if you find others do report them to us so we can them cleaned up as well.

73 … Gerry.