AllStar is an incredibly rich VoIP solution for Amateur Radio – we regularly hear from users about setup and control items missing from the ClearNode mobile app – when there is a clear need to support the personal/mobile node use case, we try to act:

In this release:

  • Personalize the Supermon admin password from the mobile app
  • Auto-connect your ClearNode to a remote node as ClearNode starts up
  • Control the Deny/Permit List in the Echolink configuration – keep control of your node’s inbound connections.
  • Added Pre and De-emphasis to the configuration items in the USB Audio setup screen
  • Control status reporting to the “stats” servers
  • Turn on auto-updates for the API software releases – ClearNode checks for a new version at startup and automatically downloads and deploys

Bugs fixed:

  • 425.000 Mhz has become a reserved and non-selectable frequency for the 818 embedded radio – there is a significant RF output at this frequency from one of the clock chips on the Raspberry Pi 3B and 3B+ that can prevent the radio from closing squelch at the and of a receive from your HT
  • Now trimming leading and trailing spaces from CallSign, Key and Password fields
  • The “Disconnect” action is now blocked when the node is Idle

Keep the reports and requests coming !

73 … Gerry.