Monthly archives: January, 2021

ClearNode for Android bugfixes

We put out a point release for the Android ClearNode mobile app today. Big thank you to all you ClearNode Android users for providing feedback – keep it coming ! (And to you Apple iOS users, you will be getting a minor release as well – hopefully soon !)

73 … Gerry.

ClearNode 1.20 for Android released

This brings the Android ClearNode Mobile App up to par with Apple iOS – particularly support for the Digital Modes … which I know many of you have been eagerly waiting.

We’ve been getting occassional reports of issues with the Gboard keyboard manager – so far we have not been able to reproduce on our test phones. This may be because we try to keep the “Miniumum API” support as low as possible for the widest compatibility.

With the next Android release we will moving the internal library support up to AndroidX.

73 … Gerry.

RedNode API 58 released

This fixes a handful of bugs in the new Digital Bridge support. Recommended for all users, particularly if you are using the DMR support.

73 … Gerry.

Add Connection – Search – restored !!

We completed the migration to a new Live AllStar Node data source and set the search to only return AllStar nodes that have been online within the past 2 hours.

Enjoy !

73 … Gerry.

Add Connection – Search

As you’re probably aware the folks at have been making some sweeping infrastructure changes to better support the future needs of the AllStar system.

One of those changes has affected collection of the source data for the “ADD CONNECTION” screen’s search function for AllStar. For now we’ve got a static copy of nodes as of today and that’s what the search will answer from.

We are working with the excellent folks over at AllStarLink to refocus that search to return updated info on nodes recently online.

Bear with us a little – we’ve got some work to do …

73 … Gerry.