The main news is the addition of P25, YSFN Relectors and FCS Rooms to the digital modes. If you’ve already configured DMR there’s not much more to do, overall the defaults provided will work just fine.

We’re also introducing connection “Tagging”. In the ADD CONNECTION screen turn on “Enable tagging” and when you tap an existing connection you’ll get a dialog that allows you to name the connection something recognizable. This can be particularly helpful with the digital modes. Once you’re done tagging your Connection history, turn off tagging to get back to one tap connections.

We also moved “Connect behavior” to the ADD CONNECTION screen where it makes a lot more sense. Included is a new feature “Disconnect before connect”. This option makes sure you don’t accidentally bridge systems when that wasn’t your intent.

Android users – hang in there ! We’re working on it.

73 … Gerry.