Monthly archives: May, 2021

ClearNode 1.24 for iOS and Android, RedNode API 68 released …

This release adds NXDN to the Digital Modes. Be sure to apply for your NXDN ID at Your NXDN ID is supplemental to your DMR ID and is not issued automatically – your action is required if you want to use the NXDN network. After your ID is issued, wait 24 hours for your new ID to circulate.

This release also conditionally enables the gateway and parrot services depending on which Digital Mode you have active. This is to preserve resources on your ClearNode. By default the Parrot Services are disabled, if you want to use them you must explicitly enable them and update your Setup.

There are also a number of UI improvements in the Android version – many of the screens have had a bit of a tidy up.

In the Node Details screen, Versions section, tap on “RedNode API” to activate the upgrade popup. Your ClearNode will reboot at least twice during the upgrade – do not interrupt power !

73 … Gerry.

iPhone 6 users – 3 month warning :-(

Note: This does not apply to the iPhone 6S – only it’s predecessor the iPhone 6.

Unfortunately we are being forced to stop providing new functionality for iOS 12, which is the highest level available for the iPhone 6. The problem is not with the iPhone or iOS per se – but the 3rd party software libraries we use to provide some of the functionality we rely on. Those libraries have stopped supporting iOS 12, and the older libraries are now conflicting with the latest version of iOS – 14.6.

There are some very good deals to be had in the pre-owned iPhone 8 market !

73 … Gerry.

ClearNode 1.22 for Android released …

This brings the Android App up to par with the Apple iOS app – P25, YSF and FCS are added to the Digital Modes. Backup your mobile app configuration for security and transfer between devices. Tag your favorite connections with a name that makes sense to you !

Thanks once again Android users for your patience. It’s worth the wait – the Android version is released after we have a couple of weeks experience with the iOS app out in the wild – the Android version often benefits from what we’ve learned 🙂

Have fun !

73 … Gerry.