Comments from Raspberry Pi Foundation …

This video is a few of weeks old – it just barely addresses the interrupted supply of the Raspberry Pi boards. But it’s also interesting in that it tracks the evolution of the Foundations mission and customer base. Spoiler alert – they didn’t predict the interest they were going to get from us “mature consumers”.

(PS … by no means endorsing “Micro Center”.)

73 … Gerry.

WARNING: Fleet Last Heard interruptions …

We are working on some changes to the server infrastructure behind the “Fleet Last Heard” live feed of active nodes. So there will be interruptions to this service today, and occasionally for the rest of the week.

Apologies for the inconvenience, but it’s all in service of more a more robust infrastructure going forward …

73 … Gerry.

API 93 …

Some of you got API 93 over the weekend as a part of a test of new infrastructure which we are working on. You can ignore this version, it will not be made current, likely the next version will be API 94. There is no functional difference from 92 from the end user’s perspective. If for any reason you want to go back to API 92, just perform a regular RedNode update and you will be stepped back to API 92.

73 … Gerry.

BUG ALERT – ClearNode for Android

There was a bug in Version 1.35.2 where editing a DMR Host and Password in Digital Bridge Setup would crash the app. Fix is in place in the Google Play Store – look for version 1.35.3.

Big shout out to the user that reported and nicely documented the bug !

73 … Gerry.

ClearNode is back in stock …

Sorry for the delay – the ongoing battle to procure Raspberry Pis has not improved. We paid well over the odds for this batch.

73 … Gerry.

ClearNode V 1.35 for iOS & Android, API 92 released …

This release is largely a follow to the previous 2 major releases. It includes bug fixes and improvements to the new functionality – many suggested by you the end users – keep ’em coming !

  • Display “DMR Hotspot Password” on main Digital Bridge Setup screen
  • Your Nodes refresh button checks MQTT state and conditionally restarts it
  • Individual deletes on “Notifications from your nodes”
  • Replace 1999 with the TG # in notifications
  • Notifications timestamp now in local time
  • Notifications now include sounds (you many need to reinstall your app)
  • Last heard displays a timestamp
  • Last heard indicates if MQTT is live or offline
  • Added “Revert to last” and “Revert to ex-factory” to node setup

Have fun !

73 … Gerry.

ClearNode for SHARI released …

The ClearNode software is now available as a subscription for your SHARI device !

Check out the SHARI page for more information on the release and links to the store.

73 … Gerry.

Supermon version upgrades …

Supermon Version 6 is installed on your ClearNode by default. recently released an upgrade that moves the version from 6.2+ to 6.2.2+. You can get the upgrade by tapping on “Node Details > Versions > Asterisk 1.4.23-pre …” > Accept the upgrade. DO NOT INTERRUPT POWER UNTIL THE UPGRADE COMPLETES AND YOUR NODE REBOOTS.

After the upgrade you will not see a change to “Asterisk 1.4.23-pre …” in the versions section. However, you will see the top strap of the Supermon landing page indicate the new version 6.2.2+.

We have not moved our default image to Supermon 7. There aren’t any immediate plans to do so. We generally focus people on using the mobile app for control and monitoring of the node. In fact, configuring the node via Supermon is in conflict with configuring the node via the mobile app and will lead to issues, potentially disabling your node.

73 … Gerry.

Android bugs …

Looks like we have a handful of issues in the Android ClearNode app Version 1.33 This was released this last week to implement Push Notifications. It underwent some in depth changes as we moved away from the older Android SDKs and moved the AWS MQTT support to their current releases.

Version 1.34 is now available in the Google Play store. It is recommended that all users upgrade as soon as practicable.

73 … Gerry.

The Notifications Release !

API version 91 and App ver 1.33 were released this last week.

Your ClearNodes, ClearZeros and ClearRPTs are now capable of sending Push Notifications to your mobile device. You can select the notifications you want to receive on a node by node basis – Node Details > Notifications Setup. This is a work in progress – if you dream up other events that you think should be part of the Notifications process – please let us know – we’ll try to make it happen in subsequent releases.

We’ve enabled a minimal set of standard notifications, so as not “bomb” your mobile device. But you’re in control – choose what matters to you !

For example – I run a ClearRPT on a 50W Alinco at my QTH. It provides access to various systems for the Hams in my neighborhood in San Francisco. I enabled notifications for “COSDETECT” – that way I know instantly when folks are busy on my system. That way I’m prompted to monitor for the usual misbehavior and swiftly bring it to heel.

73 … Gerry.