Monthly archives: March, 2020

Out of assembly …

Fresh batch of ClearNodes off the assembly bench in air pouches. Next stop the test and pre-configuration bench, cleaning, packing and then shipping.

73 … Gerry.

ALERT: AutoSky – enable TimedEvent

We forgot to mention in the original post that announced AutoSky, that there is a corresponding Custom TimedEvent installed along with AutoSky. By default both AutoSky and the TimedEvent are disabled. If you enable AutoSky at boot – don’t forget to also navigate into TimedEvents and enable “AutoSky Check Advisories”, then Save to commit your changes to ClearNode. If this is not enabled ClearNode will not poll the NWS for any available warning.

73 … Gerry.

ClearNode 1.15 for Android released

(Yes we did skip release 1.14 – all rolled into this release.)

This brings the Android Mobile App up to par with the current Apple iOS release, review those release notes for details.

And a shout-out to our ‘Droid users – thanks for your patience !

73 … Gerry.

ALERT: Node radio occasionally not initializing

We’ve had reports that occasionally, after saving a change to the node setup and the node rebooting, the built-in radio does not initialize properly as the node starts up. The symptom would be that the radio does not announce the IP address or courtesy tones as expected and does not respond to transmissions from your HT. The immediate fix is just reboot the node once more, rarely a power-cycle is needed.

We’re looking into the issue and will report back …

73 … Gerry.

RedNode API 30 released (AutoSky.OFF & .ON)

This release updates the DTMF commands in rpt.conf to include AutoSky.OFF and ON.

Two steps are required to deploy this update:

  • In the Node Detail screen, in the “Versions” section, tap “RedNode Version”, in the “Update RedNode Software” tap “Update”. Your node will update and reboot. After reboot return to the Node Detail screen and confirm you now have “API Version” # 30.
  • After the update, in the Node Detail page, in the “Node setup” section tap “AllStar/Echolink setup” to enter the “Setup” screen. You do not need to update anything, just tap “Save” in the top right corner. Your ClearNode will re-create the configuration files, including “rpt.conf”, from the new templates and apply the new DTMF commands. Your node will reboot.

We don’t publish DTMF commands in the public forums, so customers can email us at and we’ll send you the new DTMF commands.

73 … Gerry.

ClearNode 1.15 for iOS and RedNode API 29 released

This release installs AutoSky and adds the relevant configuration parameters in Node Setup.

You’ll need to go to the NWS website to discover the county code for your local county. The HamVoIP team have a good document on getting that done: – look for the section “Set your County” – follow the instructions and in the example you’re looking for the code e.g. “PAC017” – copy that code and put it in “NWS County Code” in the Node Setup screen.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you need help with AutoSky.

Other changes include:

  • implementing cop,49/50 commands to enable/disable incoming connections
  • implementing cop,21/22 commands to temporarily enable/disable Parrot mode

See the drop down menu from the icon in the top right corner of the Node detail screen

Also included is the ability to enable/disable the courtesy tone played when the remote AllStar or Echolink node unkeys.

Keep those suggestions coming !!

Stand by Android users – we’ll get you the update just as soon as we can 🙂

73 … Gerry.

ALERT: All users should update Asterisk version

AllStar have updated their URL for downloading the AllMon Database. have updated the base image and repositories already. To get this update navigate to the node detail page, tap on the 3rd row under “Versions” (starts with “Asterisk…”) and accept the update dialog. If your node does not reboot, do so manually by tapping the power icon in the top right corner and choose “Reboot”. Look for “…V1.6.2-01…” within the Asterisk line after reboot.

73 … Gerry.