This release updates the DTMF commands in rpt.conf to include AutoSky.OFF and ON.

Two steps are required to deploy this update:

  • In the Node Detail screen, in the “Versions” section, tap “RedNode Version”, in the “Update RedNode Software” tap “Update”. Your node will update and reboot. After reboot return to the Node Detail screen and confirm you now have “API Version” # 30.
  • After the update, in the Node Detail page, in the “Node setup” section tap “AllStar/Echolink setup” to enter the “Setup” screen. You do not need to update anything, just tap “Save” in the top right corner. Your ClearNode will re-create the configuration files, including “rpt.conf”, from the new templates and apply the new DTMF commands. Your node will reboot.

We don’t publish DTMF commands in the public forums, so customers can email us at and we’ll send you the new DTMF commands.

73 … Gerry.