Monthly archives: February, 2021

Storm shipping delays …

We’ve had a couple of instances of shipments taking longer to reach the destination … if you haven’t already had a tracking email from us, get in touch so we can keep an eye on things.

73 … Gerry.

iPhone 6 / iOS 12 woes

Unfortunately, this most recent release will be one of, not the last, but one of the last releases to support iOS 12. If you’re currently using an iPhone 6, might be time to treat yourself to a new(ish) phone soon. (There are some very decent deals to be had on eBay for the iPhone 8 – iOS 14.4 runs very nicely by all accounts … and no, I don’t have any Apple stock.)

With this release, for the sake of iOS 12 users, we included a workaround in the “Add Connections” screen where the “+” icon to add new connections has vanished – long press anywhere in the connection table and the “Add new connection” popup will appear – you can add new destinations again !

73 … Gerry.

All Component Release …

Today we are releasing RedNode API 62, ClearNode Apple iOS and Android Ver 1.21. We STRONGLY encourage all users to upgrade.

This release addresses many of the issues reported by users exercising the new DMR Digital Mode. This should improve the display coordination between the state of the Digital Bridge running on ClearNode and how it is reported in the UI of the mobile apps.

The API 62 upgrade releases new versions of the DVSwitch MMDVM_Bridge and Analog_Bridge pulled from the DVSwitch repositories. The connect/disconnect has been improved to ensure proper switching between one Talk Group and another.

Master Host alternative ports are now supported – for those of you using connections to private servers.

Keep those bug reports coming !! Seriously, we appreciate the effort you go to document and report the issues you run into … thank you.

73 … Gerry.

EchoLink configuration

We’ve had a very fruitful discussion with the folks over at EchoLink, they have been helping us understand the requirements of the EchoLink servers and ancillary systems. The upshot is that we’ve identified a number of things in our default configuration that needed adjustment. By and large these are being taken care of in the templates.

However – we have been occasionally configuring ClearNodes with the “Non-Sysop” versions of your call sign. (The Sysop version has either a “-L” or “-R” on the end of the call sign, the Non-Sysop version does not.)

EchoLink have requested that we do not use the “Non-Sysop” version on ClearNode – this version should be reserved for devices that do not have a radio transceiver attached – e.g. mobile phones and other computers.

So going forward, we will be requiring users to validate and use the “Sysop” call signs on their ClearNodes – this will be implemented in the configuration validation routines in the ClearNode mobile apps starting with the next releases.

Not sure ? Need help with this ? Get in touch – generally the changes can be taken care of remotely.

73 … Gerry,

Android Tablet Compatibility

We’ve been alerted that the ClearNode Android App is not available in the Google Play Store for some Tablet models. This is generally because we use the “Flash LED” for the WiFiByLight process – if your tablet doesn’t have this LED Google deems your device “unsupported”.

We’re exploring work arounds but for now – before you buy a tablet make sure it has this Flash LED.

Edit: with release 1.21 the WiFiByLight feature is no longer flagged as required – if you can live without that feature – likely your tablet will be supported.

73 … Gerry.