We’ve had a very fruitful discussion with the folks over at EchoLink, they have been helping us understand the requirements of the EchoLink servers and ancillary systems. The upshot is that we’ve identified a number of things in our default configuration that needed adjustment. By and large these are being taken care of in the templates.

However – we have been occasionally configuring ClearNodes with the “Non-Sysop” versions of your call sign. (The Sysop version has either a “-L” or “-R” on the end of the call sign, the Non-Sysop version does not.)

EchoLink have requested that we do not use the “Non-Sysop” version on ClearNode – this version should be reserved for devices that do not have a radio transceiver attached – e.g. mobile phones and other computers.

So going forward, we will be requiring users to validate and use the “Sysop” call signs on their ClearNodes – this will be implemented in the configuration validation routines in the ClearNode mobile apps starting with the next releases.

Not sure ? Need help with this ? Get in touch – generally the changes can be taken care of remotely.

73 … Gerry,