This a mostly a maintenance release to fix to some high priority bugs in the iOS App, particularly that it is not sending custom ports to the DMR configuration.

Adds support for the RX Notch Filter – particularly useful for Baofeng radio users. The default filter will clean up the audio being sent to the various networks from the Baofeng radios. We have also slightly adjusted the gain values in the EchoLink channel driver to better equate the audio levels with AllStar levels. Thanks to KE4DYI for both of these suggestions !

You can now change your ClearNode’s web server port (Supermon) to something other than the default port 80.

If you need private nodes listed in the [nodes] stanza of rpt.conf – there is now a facility for an include file which does not get overwritten when you use the configuration routines in the ClearNode mobile app – put them in /etc/asterisk/custom/my_private_nodes.conf. You will need to re-save your configuration to your ClearNode to make sure the new include statement is in place. DO NOT include the “[nodes]” stanza header in the custom file – that’s already in the base rpt.conf file.

This release requires the RedNode API Ver 69 on your ClearNode.

73 … Gerry.