Monthly archives: October, 2021

ClearNode 1.28 for iOS and Android, API 76 released …

Some much requested changes and bugfixes:

  • Another round of improvements on WiFi Credentials Management – the “Manage WiFi Networks” now explicitly supports the two methods of storing credentials on your ClearNode – “ALL” and “ACTIVE ONLY”
  • You can now configure your embedded 818 radio to use DCS encoding in place of CTCSS
  • “usbrxondelay” is now controllable in “Adjust USB Audio Gain for VOIP”
  • You can now configure AllStar inbound connection white and blacklists
  • Timed Events now supports connecting and disconnecting Digital connections
  • We’ve included explicit support for Zoiper and DVSwitch mobile – there’s a web page above that documents the implementation
  • For our Canadian siblings – you can now change the CW ID timing from the 10 minutes required in the US
  • You can also control the CW ID tone frequency and amplitude
  • Some general changes to support the ClearRPT device.

Bear with us as we catch up with the documentation …

73 … Gerry.

Errors downloading updates ?

There has been an issue with SSL certificates from “Letsencrypt” that is blocking ClearNode software updates. There is a 2 step fix described below.

Note there is no security issue, no data has been exposed and there is no risk to your privacy – this is simply the result of a certificate reaching its normal expiry.

Have your ClearNode or ClearRPT online, idle, disconnected from remote nodes and visible in your ClearNode mobile app. From the Node Details screen in the versions section:

  • First – tap on “Asterisk …” and then accept the upgrade offered in the popup
  • Be patient, do not interrupt power, wait for your ClearNode to reappear in the mobile app and settle down to idle
  • Second – tap on “RedNode API”, again accept the upgrade offered and wait for the process to complete
  • Your done !

This will replace the errant certificate in your AllStar image and then update your ClearNode code to eliminate the download errors.

Shout out to the good folks at for getting the certificate fixed – and a big fat raspberry to “Letsencrypt” for letting this happen … just kidding.

73 … Gerry.