Some much requested changes and bugfixes:

  • Another round of improvements on WiFi Credentials Management – the “Manage WiFi Networks” now explicitly supports the two methods of storing credentials on your ClearNode – “ALL” and “ACTIVE ONLY”
  • You can now configure your embedded 818 radio to use DCS encoding in place of CTCSS
  • “usbrxondelay” is now controllable in “Adjust USB Audio Gain for VOIP”
  • You can now configure AllStar inbound connection white and blacklists
  • Timed Events now supports connecting and disconnecting Digital connections
  • We’ve included explicit support for Zoiper and DVSwitch mobile – there’s a web page above that documents the implementation
  • For our Canadian siblings – you can now change the CW ID timing from the 10 minutes required in the US
  • You can also control the CW ID tone frequency and amplitude
  • Some general changes to support the ClearRPT device.

Bear with us as we catch up with the documentation …

73 … Gerry.