API version 91 and App ver 1.33 were released this last week.

Your ClearNodes, ClearZeros and ClearRPTs are now capable of sending Push Notifications to your mobile device. You can select the notifications you want to receive on a node by node basis – Node Details > Notifications Setup. This is a work in progress – if you dream up other events that you think should be part of the Notifications process – please let us know – we’ll try to make it happen in subsequent releases.

We’ve enabled a minimal set of standard notifications, so as not “bomb” your mobile device. But you’re in control – choose what matters to you !

For example – I run a ClearRPT on a 50W Alinco at my QTH. It provides access to various systems for the Hams in my neighborhood in San Francisco. I enabled notifications for “COSDETECT” – that way I know instantly when folks are busy on my system. That way I’m prompted to monitor for the usual misbehavior and swiftly bring it to heel.

73 … Gerry.