Supermon Version 6 is installed on your ClearNode by default. recently released an upgrade that moves the version from 6.2+ to 6.2.2+. You can get the upgrade by tapping on “Node Details > Versions > Asterisk 1.4.23-pre …” > Accept the upgrade. DO NOT INTERRUPT POWER UNTIL THE UPGRADE COMPLETES AND YOUR NODE REBOOTS.

After the upgrade you will not see a change to “Asterisk 1.4.23-pre …” in the versions section. However, you will see the top strap of the Supermon landing page indicate the new version 6.2.2+.

We have not moved our default image to Supermon 7. There aren’t any immediate plans to do so. We generally focus people on using the mobile app for control and monitoring of the node. In fact, configuring the node via Supermon is in conflict with configuring the node via the mobile app and will lead to issues, potentially disabling your node.

73 … Gerry.