(Wait what happened to API 94 ? Three guesses …)

This is the beginning of our move to a new messaging structure. Historically we have used AWS’s IoT MQTT messaging service to propagate information between your ClearNodes and your Apple iOS and Android mobile applications. There seems to have been changes at AWS that have degraded service for our system.

We have implemented our messaging server using a system that is Open Source and very mature. Initially we will be running the two systems in parallel so we can validate the solution – with an eye to making a complete switch at some point in the near future. This should guarantee us that teething problems won’t affect the current production environment.

There will be updates for the ClearNode mobile apps coming later in the month – but for now we need to prove out the back end infrastructure. Until the mobile app release, you shouldn’t see any difference in your nodes or the mobile app.

73 … Gerry.