In this release:

  • Provisional support for DSTAR – there will be another announcement on that later – we’re still sorting out some details – so don’t email asking us how or when
  • “Jitter” is exposed in the Digital Bridge Setup > DMR Setup
  • Ability to clear COREDUMPS from the Node Details context menu
  • You can use the ADD CONNECTION screen to Tag your own nodes – those tags will then be displayed on the Your Nodes screen. You will have to connect from one of your nodes to the one you want to tag so you can Tag it. If your nodes are all on the same network you will have to run “Configure Private Nodes” first so you can connect one node to another. If you only have one node then you can’t Tag it since it can’t be connected to itself, and why would you want to anyway.
  • Some changes in the Manage WiFi Networks screens to make sure that leading and trailing spaces are trimmed off any Network Names (SSIDs) and Password.
  • AllStar Setup now checks your Broadcastify “BCFY Play Url” is populated so you can play the stream in the ClearNode mobile app.

73 … Gerry.