Another release to improve the configurability of SkywarnPlus – the following features have been added:

  • Add multiple NWS County Codes by editing AllStar Setup > Weather options > NWS County Code. Add multiple codes separated by commas (no spaces). If you are still using AutoSky, which only ever uses one county code, make sure the county code you wish to use is the first in the list.
  • You can now configure your own list of Alert Types that are enabled for Courtesy Tones and Sky Describe Alerts. AllStar Setup > SkywarnPlus Options > Select NWS Alert Types. Tap on this row and make your selections in the following screen. Don’t forget when you return from the selection screen that you need to tap Save in the top right corner to send your changed configuration to the node.

Some other fixes in this release:

  • If you attempt to configure Private Nodes and no applicable configuration is found, the system will now delete the /etc/asterisk/custom/my_private_nodes.conf file on each node. This is to prevent old configurations that are not valid lying around interrupting your ability to connect to those nodes now they are no longer private.
  • At some point the WiFi Management screen in Android version got broken – SSID names were not displaying – that is now fixed.

Have fun !

73 … Gerry.