You may have noticed that the vast majority of ClearNodes and ClearZeros have auto-magically upgraded to RedNode API 90. The ClearNode mobile app – Apple iOS and Android versions 1.32 are already in the App Store and Play Store respectively.

The major changes are “Fleet Last Heard” and “Fleet connection activity” – both available from the “Your Nodes” context/share menu. “Fleet” refers to ALL ClearNodes and ClearZeros currently running – a global view.

Fleet Last Heard

I’ve been impressed how most of the Digital Networks provide a live feed of where traffic is coming from – super useful if you’re looking for “action” or trying to verify if you’re making it into the system. So to make that happen we’re using the internal signaling data to provide a live feed of where nodes are active – i.e. receiving on their embedded radios and putting traffic onto a target system. This release targets the AllStar and EchoLink connections, with limited information for Digital connections. There will be another concerted effort to make the data from the Digital connections more useful – stay tuned – there’s a chunk of complexity in there that needs to be wrangled.

Fleet connection activity

We consistently see frustration among new users who are just getting familiar with Voice Over IP systems – where to go to get involved ? This functionality provides a sorted and time constrained list of where connections are being made and dropped. This is often a good indicator that a Net is getting underway as the inbound connections to a System Hub start ramping up. You can also start your connection and get involved – right there from Connection Activity list !

Other …

  • More custom courtesy tones
  • Voice ID as alternative to CW ID
  • Node host name is exposed for configuration in Operating System Setup
  • Fixed the “Change Pi ‘root’ pswd” which got trashed in an earlier release

A lot of work went into this release and it’s a certainty there are bugs … the sooner you report ’em the sooner we fix ’em … 🙂

This foundational work underlies this release and the next – so there’s more to come ! The next Major Release is already on the drawing board … exciting stuff in the works.

Have fun !

73 … Gerry.