It had to come I suppose, we did our best to put it off as long as possible, but we really have to move the ClearNode Mobile App for Android up to a later minimum SDK version. This is mostly because we’re seeing more and more instability in the older version of the AWS IoT MQTT Libraries that our node control system relies on. We’ve been getting reports of poor connection behavior in the Android app – and we have been able to confirm this in our testing.

We just put out a “point” release for Android 9 (V1.32.8) – most of you will pick that up automatically – this should help with the MQTT connectivity issues. After that, if Android 9 is the most recent version your device will support, you will not be able to get subsequent versions of ClearNode for Android. Your Android 9 device and this version (1.32) of ClearNode will continue to function, you just won’t be able to update it as we move forward with new releases.

The only constant is change …

73 … Gerry.