Changes in this release

  • Added ctcssfrom and txboost to simpleusb.conf – these support our software subscriptions for non ClearNode devices that use external audio processors and radios
  • The AllStar Deny/Permit list now operates independently from the EchoLink Deny/Permit list
  • Rx On Delay’s lower bound is now -300 to better support Repeater interaction
  • Timed Events are now included in the mobile app backup/restore
  • When entering the node # in AllStar Setup, user is queried before the ClearNode app re-uses setup parameters previously memorized for that node #
  • “(from App)” or “(from Node)” is displayed in the title of the various setup screens to indicate wether values from the node, or from memory in the App, are being displayed. “(from App)” indicates you are looking at values the App already has in memory which are being displayed as the app waits for the node’s values to be retrieved – once received it will display “(from Node)”. Typically you want to be working with those retrieved from the node.
  • In WiFi management the “Save to node” mode now always defaults to “ALL”. To force the node to only use a single set of credentials, you must explicitly change the mode to “ACTIVE ONLY”
  • The list of available Time Zones now includes all the values provided in the ArchLinux operating system
  • A new “GPIO Control” screen has been added to the setup section of the “Node Details” screen. (Only available for ClearRPT devices.) This screen provides GPIO output state control for the 5 GPIO pins in the ClearRPT 15 pin connector. These pins can also be controlled from Timed Events.