This is a follow up release for SkywarnPlus – fixed a couple of bugs and several new configuration options, including enabling SkyDescribe.

To use SkyDescribe you will need an API Key from Once you have it, enter into Node Details > AllStar Setup > SkywarnPlus Options > “VoiceRSS API Key” and Save. You can’t activate SkyDescribe without having an API Key.

Don’t Enable Test Mode – unless you know why you are doing it.

Don’t forget to enable the corresponding Timed Event which should have been automatically installed during the update.

Note that you cannot have AutoSky and SkywarnPlus enabled at the same time – they would stomp on each other’s “tailmessage”.

Likely the defaults for “Play Wx every (ms)” and “Play Wx after busy delay (ms)” are incorrect in your default AllStar Setup – set them to 180000 and 60000 respectively. (Looks like they both had an extra zero in the default setup.)

Big Thank You to the folks that contributed knowledge to this update – you know who you are – Cheers !

73 … Gerry.