What’s new in this release ?

  • You can disable Timed Events setup sequence checking via the main Settings screen “Check Setup Sequence”. It confused some folks that were using multiple app instances to configure their Timed Events. We still think it’s an important safeguard, so we counsel you keep it turned on.
  • “Auto Backup Node Config” has also been added to the main Settings screen and defaults to ON. This setting will automatically backup your node config to our servers every time you save it to the node. It’s wise to keep this turned on.
  • Removed the switch “Disable WiFi Networking” from the WiFi Management screen. Replaced it with a delete icon on the same screen in the top right corner. Some folks were confused by it’s purpose, having it as an explicit action is more intuitive.
  • When there is a new RedNode API version available, it will be displayed in the Versions section of the Node Details screen, eliminating the need to repeatedly download to check for the latest version.
  • Fixed a bug in the Android app where App Backup/Restore was failing
  • Fixed a bug where the embedded radio transceiver configuration was erroneously being overwritten and thus reporting incorrect values

73 … Gerry.